Inclusive Community Choirs

Project ICC is about exchanging best practices in inclusive community choirs direction and management. It is aimed both at musical  directors and those who, within the choirs, deal with organisational, communication and relational issues.

The general objective is improving participants’ competencies in design and implementation of musical projects aiming at improving mental and physical health of participants, with particular attention to those belonging to disadvantaged/underprivileged/marginalized groups whose social inclusion needs to be improved.

Specific objectives are improvements in:

  • musical direction techniques;
  • communication methods;
  • management of relationship with institutions and other relevant actors;
  • specific musical techniques that can be particularly useful when dealing with inclusive practices;
  • organizational arrangements that can help or hinder inclusion.

The project includes “blended mobility of learners”: groups of adult learners/choirs members will meet and exchange information on activities performed at local level through internet tools (e. g. forum, videoconferencing) and then will travel together with musicians to take part in transnational events.
Five transnational events are planned, one in each of the countries where partners are located. Each event will include learning activities for both staff and students of the partner organizations.
The project is led by euridea (Italia) in partnership with Alfastep (Romania), Narodno Chitalishte "Preobrazhenie 2017 Gr. Burgas" (Bulgaria)Sertanense Futebol Clube (Portugal) and Wren Music (UK).